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Enjoy our private & secure pole dancing studio along with hot tub, sauna, steam room, full gym facilities: weights, classes, machines, racquet courts, etc.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the free pass work?

As soon as you apply for a free pass (see form above) you will likely get a text from the studio manager (the scheduler will be cc’d on the text) and they will ask you a few questions (Do you know when you want to come in? Do you want to use the studio on your own or join a class? ) and work with you on a date & time for you to come in. 

Our front desk staff will know you will be coming and be able to get you checked in (We require local ID and that you sign a waiver) and provide you with the key-code to the Studio.

You can use your pass to come in and use the studio on your own (we recommend you have some experience with pole dancing in order to do this) or you can take one of 2 classes we hold each week. Monday & Wednesday *7pm – 8pm. 

*please arrive 15 minutes early so you can get checked in.

If you join on your first visit you avoid enrollment fees!

Private Pole Dancing Studio

Only Dance Membership level members will have access to the Studio. A keypad door lock keeps other members from using the space. Except during a Pole Dancing class, the room will be open for your use during normal business hours. Monday – Friday: 5:30am – 9:30pm
Saturday – Sunday: 7am – 8pm

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Free Executive Towel Service

Enjoy executive towel services upon check-in. Larger, fluffier towels are only provided to Dance Memberships and those paying for this add-on service.

Your Own Personal Locker

You will be given your own locker as a Dance Membership holder. You will need to provide your own lock, but our lockers are roomie and easily accessible in both the men & women’s locker room. We also offer an All-Inclusive changing room with lockers!

More than just your private workout space!

Classes & Room Rental

Occasionally, we will be offering classes and the opportunity to host private groups. Always being sensitive to the fact that this space is intended primarily as a space for Dance Membership clients to access freely. If you are interested in teaching or hosting an event, please reach out!

Read our powerful reviews

If you’ve been wanting to try out pole, Kat is the gal you want to have teaching you. She embraces all skill sets and is a master of helping you achieve YOUR goals. Her coaching is gentle and direct, and her classes cover everything you may need: strength, flexibility, form, and fun. I’ve always left feeling overjoyed at the amazing things I’m capable of, always feel incredibly safe in the space, and encouraged to get out of my comfort zone. Kat and Pole Portland are an amazing addition to the pole community in Portland!!

Cody Spelman

The pole instructor, Kat, really knows how to create a fun, safe, and informative pole experience! She is funny, welcoming, and supportive. She draws from her ballet background to elevate the artform, while leaving behind the toxic aspects of the competitive dance world. This allows her to create accessible classes both experienced movers and total newcomers can enjoy!

Devin Avery

Kat is an excellent instructor! She creates an atmosphere in which everybody can feel comfortable and part of a community. It is obvious that she knows how to teach. She explains everything clearly, and as many times as necessary. She also manages to teach people who are at different levels at the same this. 100% recommend!

Vanesa Arozamena

Pole Portland is lucky to have the beautiful talent in Instructor Kat. She was and still is one of my “Pole Moms” and was there at the beginning of my pole journey. Her style of instruction is very easy for a person new to the pole dance experience and the angelic flare with which she performs is unrivaled. Students at Pole Portland are lucky to be able to take one of Instructor Kat’s classes!

Brandon Lemanski

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815 NE Halsey, Portland

When you become a member, you get access to ALL GYM amenities!
In addition to the private pole studio!